Boyan Yanev


In 1991 I graduated the Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria in the class of academician Rumen Skorchev with specialty in illustration. It was my childhood dream come true. The deep roots of my attraction to illustration lie in my love to books which I tended to illustrate since my earliest age while reading. From history movies I grasped suits from specific times and different social characters. It evolved into a lifelong interest in human history about which I read and study to this day. The more I deepened my investigations the easier I reached an esoteric level explaining to myself the relationship between humans and deity. These personal accumulations took shape when during the class of illustration with academician Skorchev I easily portrayed the atmosphere, the setup, and characters from stories and novels of different eras – Franz Kafka, Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad, Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson, among many others. As an illustrator in addition to graphics I do work with color, too. I mean with tempera, acrylic, oil paints among other. I realize that even my easel oil paintings that I paint aiming scenic representations, still bring in front my illustration background, i.e. there is a narrative within the theme. Perhaps this is a way to express my individuality and to define myself as an artist with an unoccupied niche. I will probably not surprise anyone with my preferences as my lights are the artists of the Renaissance and the Baroque, of course with all respects due to all others whom I appreciate and love. Welcome, enjoy and buy my artworks!

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